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Marco D’Amico in 1994, then the Outfit’s second-in-command and head of all gambling operations.

Marco decided he had to be a big shot at this nightclub, too. He took his crew with him to see a very popular act in those days, Freddy Bell and the Bellboys. While they were all waiting in the bar, Marco ordered a bunch of drinks and wanted to start a tab, but the bartender insisted on being paid first. One word led to another until Marco jumped over the counter and started pounding the bartender. The crew took this as a sign to start smashing up the rest of the place, and after it was totally destroyed, they went into the kitchen, tore the sinks from the walls and turned over the ovens.

That night I was supposed to meet Marco before the show started. When I got to the club, the whole place had been shut down. I was told that the coppers took Marco and his guys off in a paddy wagon. I went to the station, but they were long gone by the time I arrived. It was another police department in the Mob’s pocket. Steve, the Greek who owned the nightclub, was stomping around the station parking lot. “How could the cops let them all go?” he asked me. I couldn’t begin to answer. Worse yet, I realized I was the one who brought the Marco plague into his beautiful club.

When Corruption Was King © 2004 by Robert Cooley and Hillel Levin

  From 1986 to 1989, criminal defense attorney Robert Cooley wore a recording device and developed criminal cases against mobsters and corrupt officials. His investigation led to nine federal trials in the Nineties and convictions or guilty pleas for twenty-four.  

“Bob is every bit the hero because he didn’t have to
do what he did.”

Tom Durkin, former First
Assistant U.S. Attorney

“The man is a paragon of corruption. The man is
walking slime.”

Criminal Defense Attorney
Edward M. Genson

Never has a federal investigation accomplished
so much, and never has an investigation revolved as
much around one man. But
to this day, the reasons why Cooley decided to cooperate with federal authorities remain a mystery.

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